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Chhandik Dance Academy

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Chhandik Dance Academy

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Chhandik Dance Academy

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Chhandik Dance Academy

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Chhandik Dance Academy

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Chhandik Dance Academy

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Chhandik Dance Academy

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Chhandik Dance Academy

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Chhandik Dance Academy

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About Academy

Dance is one of the most expressive crafts known to mankind. People of all ages and preferences admire dance and, people in India are no different. In our country, there is a song and dance for virtually every season and reason. Despite so much love for this art, people are averse to the idea of taking up dancing as a profession.

Chhandik Dance Academy was started its journey in 1995 with 5 students. 26 years have passed since then and it was not very much easy. Today it has been established as a successful organization and approved by the Government of West Bengal.

Our Achievements

National Junior & Senior Scholarship.

State Music Academy Award

Choreographer At “Tara Music”

“Bharatnatyam” Dance Instructor

Dovalin Music Award

National Junior & Senior Scholarship.

Singapoore & Malaysia


In the year 2010, I worked as an international “Bharatnatyam” dance instructor at ‘Real Yoga Singapore’ at the orchard, and that time 8th of august I performed at the Singapore commonwealth program. Also, I have one year of international teaching experience in Malaysia and Singapore. I have many such students who are taking this dance art training from abroad online.

Bangladesh Peregrination

In 2014, in a joint production of Bangladesh and India, at the invitation of the India-Bangladesh “Maitri Association”, I performed at Dhaka Shilpakala Academy with my dance troupe Chhandik. Where I do an international program with the flags of India and Bangladesh. And after 2014, in 2016, 2018, and 2019, I have performed Bharatanatyam’s international dance for three years in different parts of Bangladesh like Khulna, Kultala, Rajshahi, all places.

Our Events

we organise verious events in our academy

Basant Utsav(MARCH)

Holi is one of the numerous festivals that are celebrated in India, 

Festival (FEBRUARY)

Arundel Chhandik Dance Academy has gradually spread its activities and culture from 1995 to 2022.

Guru Purnima (JULY)

The day is celebrated with utmost fervor by Buddhists as it is believed that Gautam Buddha, after denouncing worldly attachments and being enlightened,

Sharod Utsav (SEPTEMBER)

It is an annual festival observed in the state of West Bengal and by Bengal diasporas all over the world that celebrates mainly the worship of the goddess Durga.

Basant Utsav

16th March

Guru Purnima

13th July

Sharod Utsav

3rd November

Arundel Festival

6th February

Our Activities

Activities at a glance.

Free Dance Class

When we saw that there are many children and young boys & girls who have full of dreams in their eyes but they can’t learn dances because of their financial conditions or other problems. That’s why we have arranged free dance coaching class,

Educational Support

There is a lot of talent hidden around us. Every human being is talented in one way or another. When we went to work for the society, we noticed that there are many helpless poor children, young people who are very talented and meritorious.

A View Of Our Work

Our Image Gallery

Get In Touch

CONTACT US  : +91 9830212345

MAIL US           :

ADDRESS         : Barasat, Nabapally, Nandankanan,
                             Deshopriyo Road, Kol- 700126.

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