Our Activities

Chhandik Dance Academy

Free Dance Class

When we saw that there are many children and young boys & girls who have full of dreams in their eyes but they can’t learn dances because of their financial conditions or other problems. That’s why we have arranged free dance coaching classes for them to fulfill their dreams. Everyone loves to dance! Some dance professionally, some for fun and exercise, and some around the house for breaks while doing their school work!

Educational Support

There is a lot of talent hidden around us. Every human being is talented in one way or another. When we went to work for the society, we noticed that there are many helpless poor children, young people who are very talented and meritorious. So our organization has helped all those kids, youngsters to put their talents in front of them and make the education as their strength. We started our program by distributing educational’s equipment like books, pens, pencils, exercise books, school bags, school uniforms, etc.

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