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Chhandik Dance Academy
Dance is one of the most expressive crafts known to mankind. People of all ages and preferences admire dance and, people in India are no different. In our country, there is a song and dance for virtually every season and reason. Despite so much love for this art, people are averse to the idea of taking up dancing as a profession. Chhandik Dance Academy was started its journey in 1995 with 5 students. 26 years have passed since then and it was not very much easy. Today it has been established as a successful organization and approved by the Government of West Bengal and has performed dance in nine states in India. At present, our institution has more than 200 students.
Examinations are organized for them every year through the “Charukala Society” of North Kolkata and Chandigarh. In our organization, we organize various events throughout the year such as – the Guru Sri Rukmini Devi Arundel Festival, Basant Utsav, etc. where our students participate. In the last fifteen years, more than 10 students from Chhandik have received junior and senior national scholarships from the central government. Our students have participated in various competitive levels in different places and have been appreciated. This is how many of our students left our institution and today they are established in their careers. Chhandik Dance Academy is a fully-fledged institution whose main theme is Bharatanatyam. In this way, we want to follow the calamity of Chennai. Our goal is to take the culture of Bengal as well as the culture of the country forward. And I want to establish Chandik Dance Academy in the future not only in Barasat or India but all over the world.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help all students who are not financially well off but have a dream come true. So that after getting out of this organization they can do something in the future, survive and spread this culture all over India. It is our dream to spread our Chhandik Dance Academy like Kabi Guru Rabindranath Tagore’s “Biswa-Bharati” or Chennai’s “Kalakshetra”.

Our Vision

Our long-term vision is to inspire our community with art & dance education, to educate and develop them towards the arts. Where our thought is to share dance dreams across our community and it is through this perspective that our country’s culture will make a change in the future. We will strive for excellence and accept only positive thoughts.


The main purpose of Chhandik Dance Academy is to create an educational institution that is not just a dance school but also complete grooming where anyone can present oneself, talk, dance, learn music or musical instruments. And not only to teach but also to preserve the classical dance that is practiced all over India.

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